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About NDI

NDI Enterprises is a dynamic organization, dedicated to providing our customers the best products and service in the foam fabricating, distribution and foam product development marketplaces. We tailor make our solutions to meet your needs. We have been fortunate enough to combine the unique experiences and new technologies of NDI Enterprises, along with the foundation of an experienced staff and the expertise of NDI (New Dimension Industries) Foam Fabricating to build a new foundation of success at the recently established NDI Enterprises – where the best of experience, enthusiasm, technology and delivery come together. NDI is a new organization, but based on the wealth of our experience at NDI and with our other partners. At NDI, we now set the standards of foam fabrication, new product development and speed to market. We excel at being the most innovative company built on integrity, quality, and service.

NDI believes that in order to truly fulfill customer expectations we must provide tireless and dedicated customer services. We know that our products must be able to meet demaNDIng technical specifications, processed efficiently as well as economically and delivered when expected. Our success is reflected in the company's ever-growing product lines, but most of all in the loyalty shown to us by our widening base of satisfied customers.

Today NDI offers a variety of foam products from foam buns, reticulated ester & ether urethanes, filtration foams and felted products in addition to special application foams like military safety foams, medical foams, athletic foam, packaging foam and building materials.

For more information, please call 800-251-7462, email info@ndi-us.com or visit www.NDIEnterprises.com, www.NDIGutterFiltration.com, or www.NDI-US.com

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