Reticulated Filter Foam

Reticulated Filter Foam

In addition to the typical filtration applications found in reticulated industrial filter foam, reticulated filter foams have made their way into a plethora of applications unrelated to filtration. Fine cell reticulated polyester is used as the carrier for conductive gel in EKG pads. This same foam is also used as a protective underlayment in the thermoforming of Lexan wind screens. Moreover, coarse pore reticulated polyester has been used by architects to cast exotic shadow effects in gallery lighting and this product is also used to simulate grass, trees and shrubs in architectural models. Perhaps most novel, fine cell reticulated foam is often used in the creation of full size puppets and mascots, used to provide the "skin". So, no matter what your design or manufacturing problem, NDI's reticulated foam can likely provide the custom solution you are looking for with porosities ranging from 3-110 PPI and an assortment of polymer types.

NDI manufacturers reticulated foam for many other industries, some for filters and others for non-filter applications. Those applications include:

  • Air filters
  • Aquatic and fish filters
  • Waste management
  • Electronics
  • Food processing
  • Ink jet
  • Military

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