Industrial Filter Foam

Industrial Filter Foam

NDI Filter Foam products offer exceptional application versatility. Environmentally friendly and cost-effective, they feature controlled pore size-from 4 to 110 pores per inch (PPI) and great tensile strength. These high-quality reticulated filter foam products are available in both Ether and Ester based Polyols and are easily fabricated to meet any number of customer specifications.

Filter Foams from NDI are fabricated to demaNDIng expectations and are handled and controlled by fully trained and qualified personnel. Our Quality Assurance System, complies with ISO 9000:2000 and all of our products are fully traceable using a computerized lot control system. These products are often certified to meet specific flammability specifications, military specifications, and private company specifications. If you don't have NDI products, then you don't have NDI quality. Typical examples of our reticulated filter foam products are Air Filters, Aquarium Filters, Automotive Filters, Baffles and Fuel Cells, Ink Jet Cartridges, Ink Pads, Liners, Outdoor Seating, Rollers, Safety Foam, Small Engine Filters, Vacuum filters, Wet Filtration products, bioreactor media and Wicking foams.

Thermal Reticulation Process

The Thermal Reticulation process begins with Conventional polyurethane foam that is cured and then placed in a special chamber. The chamber's atmosphere is removed and replaced with a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen, then ignited. Once ignited, a controlled flame front vaporizes the foam's high surface area and Low Mass membranes across the cell faces, leaving only a skeletal stand structure or pentagonal dodecahedron (a geometric shape with 12 plane faces).

This is the natural structure of reticulated foam cells. Thermal Reticulation improves the physical properties and characteristics of the foam. The resulting reticulated filter foam is stronger and is completely permeable to fluids, sound and other medium. Most filter foams have a 97% void volume and have a greater capacity to filter out materials from various media.

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