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New Dimensions Industries, LLC ("NDI") offers a variety of flexible plastic foam products, from full size polyurethane buns and polyethylene planks to high tolerance fabricated parts. We produce one off samples alongside one million part orders in our modern factory. We specialize in the fabrication of reticulated polyurethane foams and produce a wide variety of fabricated parts across a broad range of industries. You can find our reticulated foams in consumer products, military vehicles, waste treatment installations, home improvement stores, and in medical devices.

We began more than 25+ years ago, servicing multiple industries in the filtration market with fabricated reticulated foam filters. Since then, we have translated our experience and expertise into many new venues. Along with our traditional reticulated filter foam business, we now also produce bioreactor media platforms, explosion suppressing fuel tank baffles, and endoscopy tube cleaners. We also provide and fabricate many other flexible plastics such as XLPE, conventional polyester, and polyether and specialty materials like Poron and Magnifoam

NDI’s success is not only defined by offering products that meet technical specifications and that are able to perform well in demanding applications. Having an efficient and economic manufacturing process, open communication with their customers and on-time delivery also contributes to the company’s success. Evidence of the company’s good standing can be seen in their ever-expanding product lines and the loyalty of their customers. The quality of a product goes a long way, but it is the combination of quality and service that takes a company to the next level, making them industry leaders. And that is where NDI stands today.

NDI Industrial Filter Foam

Industrial Filter Foam

Filter Foams from NDI are fabricated to demanding expectations and are handled and controlled by fully trained and qualified personnel.

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New Dimensions Industries, LLC Capabilities

Foam Fabricating Capabilities

Services and solutions include buffing, heat sealing, laminating, routing, thermal cutting and forming and more.

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